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Harmac Medical
Digital Data Capture System for a new production line implemented in a Unified Namespace Architecture

The Challenge

Harmac were contracted by an existing customer to design and build a new medical device kit manufacturing process. The end customer’s requirement included a digital manufacturing traceability system as part of the overall solution. Harmac were looking to partner with a System Integrator to design and build a system capable of tracking, tracing and capturing components as they enter and are processed through the new manufacturing line. The Harmac requirement was a unique mix of line supervision, alarming, data acquisition and device history traceability and reporting.

Our Approach

The NeoDyne automation team worked closely with the Harmac engineering project team to design, deliver and validate a multi-platform digital manufacturing traceability system consisting of:

The solution was implemented in a Unified Namespace Architecture using Cirrus Link MQTT Modules to transform the Ignition server into a MQTT broker which in turn subscribed to data from Sparkplug B enabled edge hardware. This allowed the transfer of data from the plant floor devices all the way to the Ignition application and SQL database via the MQTT . Benefits of this approach over a traditional Industry 3.0 approach included a lightweight, scalable infrastructure that lends itself to easy interoperability with other enterprise systems in the future. The use of the latest Cognex Edge Intelligence device along with its built in MQTT capabilities meant that our Edge device information was automatically discoverable to other Industry 4.0 applications interested in it.

About Harmac Medical

Harmac Medical is an innovative, full-service contract manufacturer of single-use medical devices, serving the global marketplace since 1981.

Harmac provides integrated technical solutions and full manufacturing services for companies of all sizes including leading Fortune 500 med-tech companies.


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