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We are a "People First" company, with a reputation that is built on great people who deliver real results for our customers

Our Core Values & Culture

Our values form the foundation of all our actions at NeoDyne, shaping our work ethos and influencing how we engage with our coworkers, suppliers, and customers.

We take great care to nurture a positive working environment, where everyone is approachable and committed to continuous development and improvement. From the beginning, our employees are placed in roles where they get to do meaningful work and contribute to the business. When people join us, they stay with us!

Our Values

People First

We empower our people with the knowledge to provide innovative and robust solutions by focusing on delivering work with purpose and intention whilst ensuring our personal wellbeing remains healthy and balanced


Integrity is the foundation of our operations, guiding our actions and decisions both internally within our teams and externally in our engagements with customers and suppliers. We believe that maintaining a steadfast commitment to integrity is essential for fostering trust, building lasting relationships, and ensuring the highest standards of professionalism in everything we do.

Knowledge & Innovation

We deliver smart, robust, winning solutions that withstand the test of time and optimise the balance between technology and real-world operability. We promote continuous learning and empower our people to grow their capability and know-how in the technology and application fields in which we operate.

We foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. We value original thinking, the passion to challenge assumptions and find creative ways to solve tough problems.


We embed sustainable environmental, social and economic principles into all our business processes. Our day-to-day operations and design principles focus on reducing and eliminating negative impacts across these three core areas.

Can-do Attitude

Our attitude is positive, open and helpful. We foster a “can do” culture. We pride ourselves on being flexible and proactive in all our customer interactions.

Our Culture

We foster a culture built on mutual respect, trust, and honesty, where each individual actively contributes as a valued team member. Our aim is to establish a diverse, inclusive, and sustainable organisation across all our locations.

At NeoDyne we put life before work. With our flexible working policies and commitment to work/ life balance, we ensure you have the time to do the things you enjoy.

We have an active corporate social life with monthly events ranging from go-karting to black tie events. This tied with our vibrant sporting clubs make NeoDyne a fun and engaging place to work!

We are also heavily involved in fundraising activities  and  volunteering  year-round, supporting a host of worthy causes nominated by our employees.

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