Inclusion &
In NeoDyne, we are a rich tapestry of different nationalities, backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. We believe diversity is the engine of innovation and a key to our success. Our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion is reflected in our workforce, workplace and how we give back to the community.

Our Workforce

Regional Approach

We prioritise a regional approach, establishing offices in close proximity to our customers’ sites and attracting engineers to work and live in those regions. We actively recruit from local universities and communities and also attract talent from all over the world. We currently have a 19% international workforce, employing 15+ nationalities across our Irish and UK offices.

Our diverse workforce fosters innovation, creativity, and problem-solving by bringing together a wide range of skills, experiences, and insights. This leads to more effective and creative teamwork, delivering tangible business results for our customers.

Women in Engineering

NeoDyne is striving to overcome the underrepresentation of women in STEM through our inclusive recruitment and retention practices. Our female engineers play an active role in inspiring young women to get into engineering through our university placement and transition year programmes.

While NeoDyne currently has a 15% female workforce, we have grown our female engineering team by 40% in the past year.

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Our Workplace

Workplace Culture

We promote understanding of different cultures, languages, and perspectives, enriching our teams and workplace.
Our work environment is built on respect and openness, where every voice is valued. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination and harassment.

Social Activities

We have an active corporate social life with bi-monthly team events and vibrant sporting clubs. Everyone is invited and asked to participate to enrich the social fabric of our company.
Employees play an active role in choosing events, embracing their own interests, cultures, cuisine, and customs.

Learning & Development

Learning and Development in NeoDyne is based on a 70-20-10 model:
70% on-the-job learning, 20% learning from others and 10% formal training.
By leveraging the diverse talents of our teams, learning from others equips our employees with the skills and understanding necessary to work in a global context. It gives everyone an equal opportunity to share knowledge, regardless of their position or background.

Our Communities

Supporting Local Communities

Everyone deserves to be treated fairly and with dignity, and this culture permeates all we do in NeoDyne. We actively support charities championing neurodiversity, physical and intellectual disabilities, positive mental health, and socioeconomic change. 

Our employees choose the charities we support as an opportunity to give back to organisations that have helped their families in times of difficulty or need. 

Supporting Local Universities

We collaborate with local universities and educational institutions to promote diversity in engineering. We seek out and strive to offer work placements and internships to often underrepresented groups in engineering. Through these partnerships, we aim to inspire and support future generations of engineers from diverse backgrounds.

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